Trends for 2013: Optimise, Execute and Improve

There has been a lot on Twitter chatter and the web recently on the trends for 2013.  One of the best I have read on the IT trends was by Christiane Pütter, which was very insightful.

But what does 2013 hold for PLM and the world of Engineering and Operations?  For us at Redeel, there are a few key things companies will need to capitalise on in the next twelve months.  Over the next couple of weeks we will publish one of our predicted trends, starting this week with:

Optimise, Execute and Improve

Improving on what business have so they get the most out of previous investments will be a key focus. We believe this will be focusing in two areas:

  1. Engineering Optimisation:  Reducing the cost and time of developing of new products – this is always on the agenda and is nothing new.  The drive to captialise on new markets, especially in China and as we start to see the seeds to global recovery, businesses will want to be out there with new products.  Whilst investment in R&D grows (see 2012 Global Innovation 1000 Study by Booz & Co), business will need to do more with what they have.
  2. Low Cost Country Capabilities: Linked with the above, one trend we believe we will see is investment in the off shore capabilities and people for many European and American businesses.  The financial benefits of using skilled resources in India, China and SEA will continue to be eroded over the next years, as labour rates continue to rise.  Business need to break the dependency on ex-pat resource to lead these organisations and develop local talent.  This is no small challenge.  Whilst skills, particularly in Engineering, are more than capable of industrialising products from developed prototypes, pushing the resources earlier in the development cycle to maximise the financial benefits will need significant cultural change.

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