My thoughts from the UK Manufacturing Leaders Conference…

Innovate UK Investment Return

Trying to think of one word that can summarise what I saw and heard at the UK Manufacturing #LeadersConference and #SmartFactoryExpo the past days in #Liverpool.

The word is #POTENTIAL

The #UK #manufacturing sector has amazing companies and talent which have the ability for us to compete against the best in the world. The 4th Industrial Revolution (#4IR) has the potential to make or break UK Manufacturing. We are at the start of the revolution, but it is moving fast…

If we take the opportunity and embrace the new technologies and improve our manufacturing performance, then the sector will flourish. But we are slow to adopt, there is a risk that UK Manufacturing may be lost for a generation.

I heard lots of healthy scepticism on technology for technology’s sake. We need to focus on the technologies which add the greatest value, so we are not just seen to be digital. We need to also move organisations forward, investing in the people and skills, which will be very different for the future. This investment needs to start today or else is may be too late.

This change is not just inside our the organisation. We need to excite the young in #STEM and manufacturing. Companies and education need to collaborate more in opening the minds of the young.

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with manufacturing. We just have to seize the potential.

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