Meet Nick — Calendar of Keynotes and Conferences

Nick Leeder brings an engaging energy and style to all his keynote and speaking engagements.  With over 20 years industry experience, his presentations “go beyond the PowerPoint” with real insight into the business challenges and practical examples on the steps to address them.

“He can always be relied upon to bring a wealth of expertise from his career as a technology and business leader” – Will Milling, Director, MarketKey Ltd

To contact Nick about speaking at your event, please email him at   Why not visit our YouTube channel to watch some of Nick’s keynotes by clicking in this link

Upcoming Events

19-20 Feb 2018PLMx HamburgHamburg, DE

Past Events

To request a copy of the presentation, please email Nick using the email address above.

“I knew he was qualified to speak at the appropriate level -a C-suite audience based on his background and experience but was blown away but the energy he bought to the stage that set the tone and level for the rest of the event.” – Nick Cox, Head of Events and Programmes, Hennik Research

Dec 2017ManuTalkBerlin, DE
Nov 2017The Manufacturer Leaders ConferenceLiverpool, UK
Oct 2017PLMx TexasFort Worth, TX
June 2017Exapt 50th Anniversary, WZL Aachen University Aachen, DE
June 2017Industrial IoT TalkBerlin, DE
Feb 2017Product Innovation BerlinBerlin, DE
Nov 2016Product Innovation OCOrange County, CA
Nov 2016PTC Forum EuropeStuttgart, DE
June 2016Industrial IoT Summit EuropeHamburg, DE
Mar 2016PI CongressMunich, DE