Analytics and BI gathering pace for 2013?

In our previous post about the PLM Trends for 2013, we predict that a key driver for 2013 will be the need to start to harvest the information in PLM systems to aid decision making.

Last week Gartner published the results of the survey of over 2,000 CIO’s that ranked Analytics and business intelligence being the number 1 technology priority.  It is interesting to see that Gartner citing that “CIOs see these technologies as disrupting business fundamentally over the next 10 years.”.  At Redeel, we believe that Information and Analytics will really change the PLM landscape over the next few years.

Gartner also show that digital technologies are are the heart of this disruption.  It is worth noting that Gartner state that “CIOs see their greatest disruptive power coming in combination, rather than in isolation”.  For Information and Analytics, this is never more true, with the ability to access this information being the key to the use of the information and the adoption and trust of the data.

The full list of business and technology priorities can be found in the table below.

A quick search of the top PLM players (Siemens, Oracle, PTC, SAP and Dassault), only two clearly showed Reporting capabilities on their websites that was easy to find.  My guess if that the broader players of SAP and Oracle would probably include reporting as part of their wider integrated suit of solutions.  We are wondering if or when the major solution vendors will wake up to this potential…

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Top 10 CIO Business and Technology Priorities in 2013

Ranking Top 10 Business Priorities Top 10 Technology Priorities
1 Increasing enterprise growth Analytics and business intelligence
2 Delivering operational results Mobile technologies
3 Reducing enterprise costs Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
4 Attracting and retaining new customers Collaboration technologies (workflow)
5 Improving IT applications and infrastructure Legacy modernization
6 Creating new products and services (innovation) IT management
7 Improving efficiency CRM
8 Attracting and retaining the workforce Virtualization
9 Implementing analytics and big data Security
10 Expanding into new markets and geographies ERP Applications

SaaS = software as a service; IaaS = infrastructure as a service; PaaS = platform as a service?Source: Gartner Executive Programs (January 2013)

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