Beyond the digital buzz-words

Nick Leeder is an internationally recognised keynote speaker and a passionate leader in helping companies take pragmatic steps towards the digital future. Nick focuses on the organisational readiness to adopt the changes driven through the process of digitalisation.  Nick brings energy, humour and a gritty reality to his presentations.  He pulls from over 20 years industry experience in helping companies transform in Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations across the globe.


Nick Leeder NT+OO=EOO
Nick Leeder presents New Technology + Old Organisation = Expensive Old Organisation during is closing Keynote at PTC Forum Europe 2016

With the growth of digital opportunities and the new industrial revolution of Industrie 4.0, many companies are struggling to understand what this means for them.

Nick thrives at this new intersection of business & digital technology, exploiting his practical and professional experiences to drive business results.

Nick is also the founder of PLMPulse, the first industry-led survey, aiming to understand where companies are in their journeys around Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).  The first report from this years survey will be published in Q4 2017.